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Coast to Coast 2006


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Welcome to the 2007 Coast to Coast journal of the Savages; thatís me Ian (46) and two of my children Charlie (14) and Patrick (11).

Never go back. Itís a golden rule thatís served me pretty well down the years. But here I am doing the C2C again; just a year after it had been ticked off the must do list. Whatís going on?

Itís been that sort of year. Groundhog Year? Just doing more of the things Iíve done before. Dťjŗ vu? Look at the evidence.

Broke my elbow and smashed a few ribs AGAIN mountain biking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, once AGAIN did the familiar walks and fells ie various in the Lakes, Yorkshire Dales & Moors and Snowdonia; watched Leeds United get relegated AGAIN; started going to music festivals AGAIN; builders and architects once AGAIN continue to see something in me that compels them to try and take liberties; i even went to see the Buzzcocks and Echo & the Bunnymen live AGAIN. Flippin eck iím even doing a C2C walking journal AGAIN.

My lifeís in rewind. But be generous; letís call it a retro yearÖor better still a classic year.

If you were with me last year youíll know we live in North Yorkshire; Iím married to Ruth and we have five boys aged 4 through to 15. Last years walk was with William, our eldest. You can read that journal at

You can read more about the happenings in our family through some of Ruthís journalism

To be honest although I enjoyed greatly last years walk and I did want to do something with Charlie and Patrick this year I didnít especially want that something to be the C2C. Other adventures were suggested. They were having none of it. It had to be the C2C. Something about Ďanything William can do we can also doí I guess. Williamís always been obviously the older brother: taller, stronger, faster but heís earned even more Rspkt! since completing his C2C. I think they want to restore the balance.

Let me tell you something about the boys.


Charlie: Cheeky Charlie, Selfish Charlie, Idle Charlie, Scruffbag Charlie, Stubborn Charlie, Contrary Charlie. In any typical week all of these labels apply at some point.. But in that same typical week youíll also find Charming Charlie, Kind and Generous Charlie, Thoughtful Charlie, Helpful Charlie. There are few half measures with Charlie; itís full on or full off. Charlie attends Ripon Grammar and as one of his teachers said to me Ďhe looks like he could be a handful but heís actually one of the good guysĎ. Charlie at the age of three announced to us Ė his meat eating family - that he was becoming a vegetarian; heís stuck to it ever since. That probably tells you a fair bit about Charlie.


Patrick: there have always been a number of Patricks. Thereís the Patrick whoís well behaved, liked and respected, an articulate, confident and a talented boy, up for trying new things, seldom gives up; supportive to his friends; a bit of a role model. Patrick Perfect. But then thereís the Patrick who can terrorise his younger brothers if the mood takes and whoís not beyond a bit of skulduggery to get his own way Ė but only when he thinks no one is looking. Patrick Sneak ( strap line Ď the boy that likes to sneak up on people and do sneaky things to themí ). Then we have the Patrick whoís wiser than his parents and shows grown up concerns ( have we locked the door? whatís that knocking sound coming from the car? what time do you call this?). Patrick Prudent. Youíve always known where you are with Patrick. But things are changing. Heís getting attitudes; he knows his own mind on most things it would seem and is prepared to argue his case long, hard and skillfully Ė heís becoming a challenge. Nothing wrong with that but I can hear his teacher at Ripon Grammar when he starts next year Ďhe looks like he could be one of the good guys but heís actually a bit of a handfulí

It has to be said Charlie and Patrick donít always get along. When Charlie is in one of his full off periods we all have trouble but these two brush up against each other pretty regularly. Similar in height, physique and mental capacities the outcome is never certain.

Theyíve both done a fair bit of trekking with me; theyíve both done Scafell, Snowdon and Ben Nevis. Up in Skye earlier this year they were always first up ahead of me and first down. Itís always a bit of a race for them. But of course they havenít done the long day after day walking. Iím pretty confident though that they can both do this.

Of course now that itís been decided that we are going Iím also looking forward to it. As last year itís a 12 walking day schedule although with slightly different staging to break some of the days that William found particularly tiring. We start walking from St Bees on 6th August and finish in Robin Hoods Bay on 17th August. Youíll see the schedule
elsewhere on this site.

The Three Coast to Coast'ers

Unlike last year this is not going to be a live blog with reports filed at the end of each day; Iíll complete the whole thing on our return.

If you see us out on the trails be sure to say hello; why not even join us on a stage. You can contact us at

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